run and tell all of the angels- this could take all night | February 1, 2011

Hello World.

Last time, we left off with the link to the Humanmetrics quiz that generates a Jung Typology. Career discovery books and articles always begin with some kind of quiz to apparently help the job seeker find their true inner selves and to guide them into the right field. I’m not sure I have ever actually learned much about myself from taking such quizzes. At most I think they are a reaffirmation of what I already knew or expected. But regardless, I think they’re fun. Especially this one.

My results:

ENFJ. I’ve been this for years and am thankful that unlike my zodiac (ha ha) its standing remains unquestioned. Here’s a link to a description of me which I have to admit is pretty accurate. The good and the not so good.

So do these statements about my type make me reflective? Do they make me think about my life and my goals? Yes. As someone prone to processing a high level of meta analysis it would be surprising not to. These things call me a ‘Giver’ and a ‘Teacher’. It fits in very well to what I strive to do in my daily life, and what I eventually want to do when I grow up. I simply want to help people. I want to help them be better people for themselves, their relationships, and their planet. Now begins me finding out how to make a living off of doing that.

This is why I’m so happy to have the opportunity to be doing this right now. I’m the Lead Marketing Intern at UC San Diego’s Sustainability Resource Center and I love it. My advisor Kristin is phenomenal, I couldn’t ask for a better person to be guide into all things sustainable. I’m helping fight for a cause I care about and I’m part of the team that is creating something new and exciting. When I began my internship last quarter, little did I know that we’d be launching a campus and community wide campaign (with a name that I thought up!) to inspire people to make sustainable choices and commit to sustainability pledges (that I helped write!), on an awesome new website (that I could only hope to one day design something so pretty!). Check it out (and pledge too, if you don’t mind)! This time spent at the Center has really shown me how much I love this cause, how excited I am about the work I do,  and how happy I can be when I’m in a good work environment.

At this stage in my life, I’m finally feeling confident that I know who I am. I want to combine my love for working with people with my passion for a good cause to help make each better.

Next up on Mandy Goes to Work:

It’s time to tackle the job application process and all the FUN that comes along with it. Stay tuned…



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