i’m a new day rising, i’m a brand new star to hang the sky upon tonight | February 2, 2011

A wise person once told me that a resume should describe what you accomplished in the job that someone else wouldn’t have.

Okay, that wise person was some unnamed author of a resume tips web page that I found from Google, but the advise is pretty good. In the land of one million resumes (basically every HR department in the country), everyone is doing their best to describe their achievements in the most impressive light. And not only that, but they’re working to spice up their first impression papers and attract enough attention to avoid the ‘Instant NO’ pile.

So how do you and I come out on top in the fight to get noticed by an employer? What’s the proper format for a solid resume, and what should I say in it? Type the word ‘resume’ into your Google search bar (go ahead, I’ll wait) and you’ll find that the top results suggestions are all about these very questions.

Resume templates/builder/example/objective are our main questions, and it took Google .13 seconds to find the 132 million articles related to these phrases.

While I have found some of the resume tips to be very helpful, I feel that my Googling may have done just as much harm as it did good for my resume writing. For every statement about what is ‘required’ in a resume, there’s at least one that claims it’s unnecessary or even potentially harmful. Case in point: the Objective (and most of the time there’s still no real consensus within articles themselves, either). My searching for answers has mostly left me with more questions. A trip to UCSD’s very own Career Services Center (a great place for students to go for help, by the way) still left me unsure about my resume. Same goes for page length: more than one is fine if the information is good OR more than one will get your resume tossed into the trash can faster than a cheetah who’s running late for work (yes, I did just make that up).

Amid the confusion, I created this basic resume that I have begun to use. I decided to include an objective and condense everything down to one page purely because that’s what they told me to do at the CSC, and I’m still waiting to see if it’s effective.

So for now, take a look. Any advise? Let me know what you think and feel free to leave comments or make suggestions- I’m looking to improve it! Financial Aid’s only going to be covering rent for a few more months…

TEMPLATE amanda gallegos resume 2011

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