done, done, onto the next one | February 24, 2011

Applying for jobs online feels like getting rejected by a blind date- before even meeting.

It feels like we simply respond to an endless series of online posts only to hear nothing back. At best, after a few weeks we may receive a sort of Dear John letter from some of the companies to which we’ve applied- but even then they’re not particularly insightful. One email once boldly told me, “We’ve chosen to go with a candidate who is better qualified for this position”. Ouch. If this WERE a Dear John letter, it would read, “Oh no, there’s nothing wrong with us. The problem’s most definitely with you”.

How did the job search come to be like this? In some ways I blame technology for letting us get so disconnected from each other that we can rely on resume keyword searches to find a fitting employee rather than utilize good old-fashioned reading.

But as fun or easy as it may be to focus my negative energy onto a vague perception of technology, I mostly just resent the fact that I’m unable to learn from the process of finding a job online. How can I better my search techniques and chances at landing a face-to-face interview if I don’t receive constructive feedback about why I was passed over?

I don’t know if these people didn’t like my resume, if they think I don’t have the desired work experience, if they weren’t impressed with what I wrote for my cover letter, or if they just DIDN’T SEE IT. Because if they don’t respond to you in any way, you have no idea if your attempt was even acknowledged.

Right now I’m focusing on trying to stay positive about the process and trust that I’ll get the call for an interview when I’m qualified for the position. But in the meantime I just wonder if my email inbox is broken or internet is disconnected. It must be one of these, because why else aren’t they responding to me?




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